Pastor Jason Lang


Jason is Lead Pastor of Word of Life. He grew up in New York and New Jersey and has lived all across the U.S since then. He an his wife Heidi have been married for over 20yrs. They have 4 kids that were born in 4 different states. They love to travel.

He has degrees from Philadelphia Biblical University and Lutheran Brethren Seminary. He speaks at youth camps and conferences around the U.S. because he loves connecting with people and sharing God's message of salvation through Jesus Christ. When Pastor J isn't drinking coffee and talking with someone, he can be found riding a bike, fly-fishing, skiing, hiking, or cooking for his friends and family.

Eric Smith


Eric is our Youth Guy. This picture was taken while hanging out with teens at Chabbalita's, eating tacos, because he loves tacos. Eric is married to Mandi and they have two sons. Eric grew up in Le Sueur and after working and training at Inspiration Point Bible Camp, he served youth in Grand Forks, ND. We are excited to have Eric back in Le Sueur, connecting with students and their families while getting his Bachelor's degree. Eric is passionate, he loves God and digging into the Bible with teens. He especially enjoys asking people questions that get them thinking.

When Eric isn't eating tacos or hanging out with teens he can be found playing with his kids (he is a great dad), playing guitar, playing basketball, or playing racquetball with his dad.

Sue Schwartz

Sue is the smiling voice you hear when calling Word of Life Church. She is the person who helps people get connected and generally helps us stay organized. Sue loves God and loves people and that's why she loves ministry with Word of Life. She grew up in the area and now lives just outside of Le Sueur with her husband, Brian.

Sue enjoys walking, swimming, biking, spending time at the lake, hanging out with their 5 kids, and riding with her husband, Brian, in the truck or tractor. She loves being part of the Word of Life family and feels blessed to share in spreading the gospel message.



We are a group of people who gather together to live life and faith together. Who we are is influenced by our values which come from the Bible, God's Word.

We are Missional.

God's mission was to save His people from themselves and the sin that infects them, so He sent His Son Jesus to save us by living a perfect life and giving His life in our place so that we may be forgiven.

We are Relational.

God created us to be in relationship with Him and each other. Our first relationship is with God, He loves us and gets to know us through Jesus. God moves us into relationship with the people we run into every day. Word of life is a bunch of people who Iive their life and faith together.

We are Intentional.

Life and faith don't happen by accident, we value doing things intentionally. Friends don't invite themselves over to our houses, we do. Conversations don't happen unless we open up. We are living our faith on purpose.

We are Sacrificial.

This is hard, but it's true, Jesus gave his life for us and calls us to live lives that give to others too. Everything we have is a gift from God and He gives us these gifts to share with the people around us. We share our time, talents and resources.

We value Law & Gospel.

God expresses Himself in both Law and Gospel. The Law is any time God says, "Do this, don't do that." The Gospel is "What God has done for us." We do not shy away from sharing God's Law that shows us our sin and guides our lives. And we love sharing the Gospel that proclaims God's love and forgiveness for us when our lives fall short of God's Law.


During the summer of 1978, seven families felt the leading of the Lord to become involved in a closer Christian fellowship. A fellowship which placed more emphasis on the great commission and the inerrant Word of God. This prompting led to meeting weekly in the homes of the individuals for study and prayer. In these meetings, discussions evolved to the point that consideration was given to starting a new church. At the time it seemed a bit formidable to think in these terms with such a small group of people, however, the possibility of this seemed to be more and more confirmed. After much deliberation and prayer, it was decided to contact the synod of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren for a possible affiliation with them. Discussions were held with the Home Mission Department and a decision was made to become a Home Mission congregation of that body.

It was decided to move from the informal setting of people's homes to a more formal meeting format and location. The Merrick Room of the Le Sueur Community Center was rented and Sunday School and worship services began. Supply pastors were obtained from the synod. The first pastor, Timothy Ysteboe, was called in February, 1979. The Word of Life Lutheran Brethren Church charter was signed in July, 1979. In the summer of 1980, the First Lutheran Church of Le Sueur decided to build a new facility and Word of Life purchased their church on Second Street.

During the sixteen years of worshipping at the Second Street Church, the Lord continued to bless the work. It then became evident it was going to be necessary to make extensive changes to the existing facility or give thought to building a new facility. The church had grown to an attendance of over one hundred and it was impossible to minister properly to all the children in the congregation. Going to two services each Sunday solved the problem of worship service space but the problem of Sunday School space persisted. (What a great problem!) After much prayer and evaluating possible alternatives for adding to the existing facility, a site selection committee evaluated over a dozen potential sites, and a ten-acre parcel on Kingsway Drive was purchased. A building committee was formed, an architect was retained, a local builder selected, and construction on the new facility began in the spring of 1995.

In February, 1996, we moved into a beautiful new church facility. The Lord has been faithful. He continues to honor the work. The church family has grown to an average Sunday attendance over 200. We have a very active youth ministry and the Lord has entrusted many children to our care. We have a music ministry that is a great blessing to us all. Our people have a good understanding of God's calling on their lives, and are developing a greater awareness of the full meaning of ministry. The inerrant Word of God continues to be preached in Spirit and in Truth. The full counsel of God is heard. New people have come to faith and believers are challenged to mature in the faith.

In the spring of 2007, we completed work on our Christian Education expansion wing. We now have an expanded and updated nursery, library, larger classrooms and youth room complete with sound system, games, and refrigerator.

As we look to the future, we know the need to remain focused on the Lord. We acknowledge the need to be dependent upon Him. We want to be obedient to His will. We praise Him for His protection, for His directions, and for His mercy and grace. May we continue to glorify His name in the days and years ahead.